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Candy Game Schedules & Team Details

Game Schedules

Date Home Away Time

Sat. Aug 25 Overdrive vs Wertz  10:00 am
Mears  vs  Sprowl's  11:00 am
Safelite vs Franklin Police  12:45 pm

Sat. Sep 8 Wertz  vs Mears  9:30 am
Overdrive  vs Franklin Police  10:30 am
Sprowl's  vs Safelite  11:30 am

Sat. Sep 15 Wertz vs Safelite  9:30 am
Mears  vs Overdrive 10:30 am
Franklin Police  vs  Sprowl's  11:30 am

Sat. Sep 22 Wertz  vs  Sprowl's  9:30 am
Overdrive  vs Safelite  10:30 am
Mears  vs  Franklin Police  11:30 am

Sat. Sep 29 Safelite  vs Mears  9:30 am
Franklin Police  vs Wertz  10:30 am
Sprowl's vs Overdrive  11:30 am

Sat. Oct 6 Franklin Police  vs Safelite  9:30 am
Wertz  vs Overdrive  10:30 am
Mears  vs Sprowl's 11:30 am

Sat. Oct 13 Safelite  vs Sprowl's 9:30 am
Franklin Police  vs Overdrive 10:30 am
Mears  vs Wertz  11:30 am

Sat. Oct 20 Sprowl's  vs Franklin Police 9:30 am
Wertz  vs Safelite  10:30 am
Overdrive  vs Mears  11:30 am

Team Details

Team Name Team Color Sponsor Coach

Candy 1 Yellow Wertz Family Tree Farm Lloyd
Candy 2 Red Overdrive Enterprises Heiser
Candy 3 Green Mears Insurance Clifford
Candy 4 Royal Safelite Auto Glass McGuire
Candy 5 White/Red Sprowl's Ortho Wagner
Candy 6 White/Royal Franklin Police Donisi